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Here at 20/20 Fx, I'll make your design your project with your goals specifically in mind.

It's not enough to just whip something up that looks good.  If it doesn't gel with the idea that the client has in their mind's eye, it could be the most dynamic looking design in the world and it still wouldn't be correct.

Too many big designing companies go into a project with the idea of designing the most amazing looking flyer, catalog, or whatever that the world has ever seen with little regard to what the message is that the customer is trying to convey.

I will treat your project as if it's my own. I won't let anything that I'm designing go out the door until I'm satisfied that it's the best that I could've done.  Too many Graphic Design shops work on their customers' projects as though it's just another paycheck.  When I work on a client's design project, I feel it's always best to work on it as if you were working on something for yourself.  It comes from the age old saying, "Treat others as you wish to be treated."

Let me know what you want done and get your designs done right the first time with 20/20 Fx.

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