Here at 20/20 Fx, we'll build you a computer that lasts longer, performs better, and is more specific to YOUR NEEDS than a regular big name PC of comparable price.

The old adage "You get what you pay for" has never been more true than it is with computers. Every once in a while, you'll get a big name computer that's cheaply built that lasts longer than 3 years. That is NOT the standard life expectancy.  More often than not, when a part goes bad, you'll end up spending hours on the phone waiting to get ahold of technical support only to find that your technical support has been outsourced to another country and that they're reading out of a manual instead of knowing the knowledge that you need right off the top of their head.  Then, if the part is out of warranty (which, most of the time, it is), you'll spend even more money on the part that you need and perhaps labor to install it.  All of a sudden, the cheap computer isn't so cheap anymore.

Every computer built at 20/20 Fx is built to be MORE than able to support a customer's needs.  Through years of experience, we've found that a computer built better than the average big name home PC right from the start, without exception, lasts MUCH longer, and consistently performs better.  Plus, EVERY computer built by us is built with the ability to upgrade and expand according to future hardware requirements (unless otherwise specified by the customer.)  You're not going to find many slimline big name computer builds that can do that.

Get a computer that you're going to be happy with for a LONG time, instead of one that has you saying, "I'll guess it'll DO for a while."  Don't get a "good enough" PC, Get the Best Computer you can.  Call 20/20 Fx today and get it done right the first time.

Serving Chickasaw County and surrounding areas including:  New Hampton, Fredericksburg, Charles City, Lawler, Frederika, Cresco, and Ionia.

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