First off, where 20/20 Fx located and what do they do?

We're located in New Hampton, IA.  I provide the following services to all of chickasaw county and surrounding areas:  Custom Built Computers, Computer Repair, Computer Networking, Database Design and Maintenance, Website Design, Graphic Design & Logo Creation.

Why the name 20/20 fx?  Good question.

One of the most prevalent phrases that someone says after making a mistake or wishing they could've done something differently is "Hindsight is 20/20."

I hear it all the time.  Everybody does.

I've been doing Graphic Design and IT Management for 15 years and one of the things that I've become best at is finding out the best way to get things done right the first time.  I don't like to look back and say, "I wish I would've done things differently."  With the experience I've gained over the years, it gets easier and easier for me to get things done right the first time around.  Basically, I can do this because I know most of the things that CAN go wrong with a design.

...or a computer.

...or a network.

...or a website.

You get the idea.  I like to think that BECAUSE I know what can go wrong, I tend to use my hindsight experience as foresight.

But why should you choose 20/20 FX for YOUR job?  Another great question.

Since I've been doing this stuff for a very long time, I've gotten to see all aspects of the way businesses treat their customers.  These behaviors range from businesses treating their customers poorly and abrasively (as if the customer is somehow wasting the business' time) to businesses treating clients as if they're one of their own family and they're glad to have them.

In my opinion, the LATTER of the two is the way that it should be.


A customer doesn't walk around thinking to themselves, "Where can I pay my money to that will condescend me, berate me, and generally treat me like I'm a waste of their time?"  If you're a potential customer of mine and you DO think that way, then go to another website because that's not the way I think people, especially customers, should be treated.

Here's an example of a customer being treated poorly:  A customer takes his car in to get it fixed.  The mechanic fixes the vehicle, ...then he fixes something else that was never asked to be fixed.  The customer then pays the bill, gets the car back and finds that nothing was fixed, the problem is worse then before, and there are now NEW problems with the car.  Does the mechanic offer a refund?  Does the shop offer to fix the car again for nothing?  In most cases the answer is NO to both questions.  Does that scenario sound familiar?  I'm sure everyone has a story something like that.  (By the way, that was just an example.  I'm not saying that all auto repair centers are like that.  In fact I know quite a few good ones.  So please don't flood my email with auto-repair hate mail.)

Seeing customers treated badly led me to going into business for myself because I can't control how other people treat their customers.  However, I can make sure that MY clients ARE treated good. The last thing that somebody with a problem wants is to be treated poorly by the person or people that they go to to fix the problem.

In conclusion, if you decide to do business with 20/20 FX, you'll be treated good and I'll do the best job that I can for you.

...THAT and I promise that I won't charge you for not fixing your car.

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